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ADAPTiQ® system setup and deactivation

Your system comes with the ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system, which contains a special headset and two setup DVDs. Setup disc 1 verifies that your speakers are connected correctly and that the system is performing properly. Setup disc 2 leads you through the ADAPTiQ audio calibration system process, which adjusts the sound of the system to the acoustics of your listening area. The process takes approximately ten minutes. During this time please try to eliminate any other sounds in the room that could interfere with the acoustic measurements.

Using the ADAPTiQ audio calibration system

To use the ADAPTiQ audio calibration system, follow these steps:

Be sure that all Lifestyle® system connections have been made and that your speakers and Acoustimass® module are in their permanent positions

turn your tv on and select the correct input to view the system menu. this will be the same video input that you use when viewing a dvd on the bose® system. lift the media center door and press open/close. load disc 1 in the tray and press open/close again

on the remote, press cd∙dvd

As the DVD plays, listen carefully; you will be instructed when to insert disc 2

As disc 2 plays, you will be instructed to connect the ADAPTiQ headset to the AUX Audio IN jacks on the back of the media center. If there is a component connected to the AUX inputs, temporarily remove those connections

Put the headset on so the ear sensors rest above your ears. This headset allows the system to "hear" exactly what you are hearing. Disc 2 will explain the remaining steps for you to follow

When the process is complete, your system is calibrated to your room and ready to enjoy. Please save the ADAPTiQ headset and discs. If you move any of the speakers or furniture, or if you move the system to another room, you will want to perform the procedure again.

Turning off the ADAPTiQ system

To turn off the ADAPTiQ system, follow these steps:

Turn your TV on and select the correct input to view the System menu. This will be the same video input that you use when viewing a DVD on the Bose system.

on the remote, press system. the "audio" icon is highlighted

press the down arrow to highlight "adaptiq"

press the right arrow and then the up arrow or down arrow to select "off"

press erase on the media center control panel

The ADAPTiQ system is now turned off, and the ADAPTiQ settings are now erased. To use the ADAPTiQ system again, you cannot simply turn it back on; you must re-install it using the ADAPTiQ discs included with the system. Follow the first set of instructions above to re-install the ADAPTiQ system

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